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Demos and games

Want an awesome, fast-paced 3D game about grids? Download Amalthea (11 MB .zip file). You'll need to work quickly, learning about the computing grid you have to operate on the job. Your aim? To save the world, of course. Want to see the Amalthea trailer? Check it out here.

Need a simple web-based game to concrete grid computing ideas? Check out IBM's Tryscience.org. You can become GridMaster and use your grid to avert a volcanic disaster... Better yet, take on a mission with Team Planet, a group of ordinary citizens tasked with taking care of the entire planet.


Check out grid jobs as they shoot across the planet using GridPP's Real Time Monitor. You can download a 2D or 3D version, complete with Google Earth overlay.

Read about GridCafe's first public demo of grid technology - UNOSAT & Humanitarian Crisis Management, a demo about using grid computing for disaster prevention.

Smart phone users can now download the LHSee app for Android, which grabs live collision events direct from the LHC detector ATLAS and beams them direct to your pocket. LHSee allows you to interact with collision events, find out how the detector works, identify different collisions and even play 'Hunt the Higgs'.


Learn more about grid computing thanks to some flash animations. You can choose from:

1) What is grid computing?

2) How does grid computing work?

3) Why do scientists need grid computing?

4) What's the difference between the Internet, the web, and the Grid?

5) Lifecycle of a grid computing "job"